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Server News - Mar, 2019

PD Season 2 official online!!!

I would like to announce that PD Season 2 is now official online and running. Check it out www.psychic-doom.eu

Server News - Jul, 2017

Ranking PK fixed!!

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How does it works? Its like the old times, you must go to the web, log in, click on your character, then click on "kill reset" so your kills will be added to the ranking. Otherwise if you dont do that before of clean your pk, you will lost the kills count. Hope you like it guys. Enjoy!!

Server News - Jan, 2017


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As we moved to a new datacenter, you should download again our client, otherwise you cannot connect to the game!

Server News - Jan, 2017

Psychic-Doom 97D Back Online!

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We are back, and so am I (Cyndre here) with 100% of the old site functioning. Welcome back guys, let's play!!!